Swinton FC Club Officials

Swinton FC committee members are as follows......

Jason Wilcox
Jason Wilcox
Non Executive Chairman

Jason became Vice Chairman in 2006 and later became Chairman in 2010. 

Jason joined Swinton FC in 2000 coaching the U10`s, who many now actually make up the open age team today. 

Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club, being actively involved in driving our Vision for the future.

Ken Pollard
Ken Pollard
Chairman Safe Guarding Officer and Trustee

Ken was appointed Vice Chairman in 2011. 

Ken has also been one of Swinton FC's Child Welfare Officers since 2009.  

Kens first involvement with Swinton FC was some 13 years ago as a parent watching his son. 

In 2000 Ken became the manager for an under 8’s team, managing them through to U16’s. 

In 2009 Ken took up the position of Holding Team Development Coach. The holding team is now a very successful part of the club coaching children from 4 - 6 year old which then feeds two under seven teams into the club each year.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Vice Chairman, Club Secretary and Trustee

Chris Joined Swinton FC in 2002 as a players parent. 

Chris took up his post as Club Secretary in 2003

Chris is also one of the clubs Child Welfare Officers and has been since 2008. 

Chris is responsible for all Swinton FC teams in the various leagues and also arranging pitches and kick off times for each team for all matches at Barton Road. 

Chris is also actively involved with the Open Age/First team. 

Mark Airey
Mark Airey
Club Treasurer and Trustee

Mark became Treasurer of Swinton FC in May 2010.

Mark has had an involvement with Swinton FC since 2007 as a players parent, team admin manager and representative. 

Within Mark's role of Treasurer he is responsible for all administration functions, the day to day running of Swinton FC's club house and is actively involved in the on-going refurbishment of the club house and pitches.

Chris Tierney
Chris Tierney
Discipline Secretary

Chris has been involved with Swinton FC since 1995.

In 2006 Chris joined Ken Pollard with the coaching/development of the holding teams.

He took up the position of Disciplinary Secretary in 2008, after successfully managing a team that he started back in the early days of Swinton FC.

Craig Pollard
Craig Pollard
Managers Representive

Craig joined Swinton FC as a parent in March 2017 and quickly began managing Swinton sharks football team under 7s.

Craig has been involved in many initiatives within the club including tournaments and taking a interest in the prepping for games and offering support throughout the age groups.

Craig is available to support the managers and parents, please contact on the above details with any queries you may have. 

Sam Redshaw
Sam Redshaw
Coach Development Officer
Joe Snelson
Joe Snelson
Press Media and Minute Officer
Joe joined the Committee in 2015. His main tasks are to control the Website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Joe also helps out with events at the club including FA events. He has a degree in Journalism/Media so brings a wealth of experience.
If anybody has anything media or press related then don't hesitate to contact him
John Horrocks
John Horrocks
Project Development Officer

John started life with Swinton FC as a parent back in 2008 when his son joined the ‘Holding Group’ and in 2011 was invited to join the management team. John has managed his team from under 7's reaching presently under 15's. John organises the annual Swinton FC Summer tournaments, which have become one of the best run tournaments in the North West. John recently took his team to Holland (2017) and more recently to Belfast.

John has recently joined the Swinton FC Committee as ‘Project Development Officer’, one of Johns first tasks is to progress the redevelopment of the dilapidated 5 v 5 pitch (MUGGA) which is sited next to the grounds of Swinton FC.