Swinton FC Development

This page will be updated with relevant development news, topics, projects which involve Swinton Football Club.

As we mention on our 'Home' and 'About' pages Swinton FC were established in 1992 and have come a long way since then. Our club has grown considerably and has many Teams of all ages.  Should you wish to enquire about joining one of them, please click on the relevant team page or use the 'Contact' page, either way someone will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

You can take a closer look at what Swinton FC has to offer by looking at our 'News' or 'Events' pages as well as the photo's in our 'Galleries' pages.

Swinton FC is very grateful to our various Sponsors  and their relationship with our Club.  We are always thankful to businesses and individuals who help to support either our individual teams or the club in its endeavours to bring enjoyment, friendship and social skills to local children. If you would like to help in anyway please contact us.

Oct 9/10/13 update, 

As of the EGM held at Swinton Football Club Gary Timperley has been elected as the clubs new Development Officer. 

A statement from Gary 'I am honoured to be further involved within the club and to be voted in by the managers and committee gives me confidence for the times ahead. Swinton FC has grown from the club my son first joined in Aug 2010 and I will endeavour to help grow the club further.

Thank you to Mark Foster the outgoing development officer for his work helping the club achieve its FA Charter Community Status. Swinton FC is inclusive not exclusive and I feel this has been a key to its success. 

A statement from a colleague that is constantly used know a days, follow the yellow and blue brick road as we continue our journey!'

Jan 14 update, SALFORD PITCHES!!

Anyone that plays on a pitch run by Salford Council can check each week by clicking here to see if the pitches are deemed playable. We hopes this helps you.

Swinton FC pitches are deemed playable on a weekly basis and home teams will be notified by email or text as soon as a decision has been made.

CEOP stay safe on the internet!

CEOP help Children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it on the CEOP website here.


Do you think anyone within the Swinton FC club structure and we do mean anyone! deserves recognition? If so then why not use these links to place your votes.

If we can achieve awards from this then wouldn't it be a great boost for firstly the individuals but also the teams they operate. 






Tesco Express Wardley donate Easter Eggs Mar 14

Anthony from Tesco Express Wardley has kindly donated a range of Easter Eggs that as a club we can help raise much needed funds with. Its really a pleasure and special when local businesses offer such generosity to Swinton FC which in turn helps us provide facilities etc. for the children of our community. EVERY LITTLE HELPS!
Very much appreciated , thank you again.

NIKE partner clubs announced May 14

Swinton are very proud to be one of the first Manchester FA Community clubs to be chosen for a partnership with NIKE. This partnership proves Swinton FC are catching the eye of many within their area and are striving forward offering quality rather than quantity for all Swinton FC members.

If your are a business reading this and would like to donate to the club or sponsor a team then please contact us and jump onboard what is fast becoming the destination of choice! 

KITLOCKER announced as supplier JAN 15

Swinton FC are proud to announce that their new kit supplier is KITLOCKER and teams, managers, coaches, players, parents etc. can all log in to the special Swinton FC webpage.


So please have a look and place your orders with KITLOCKER from now on 3rd Jan 2015

Our account contact at KITLOCKER is Hannah Thorpe and if there are any issues please email her <hannah@kitlocker.com>

Signs installed for health and safety around Club Carpark FEB 15

Swinton FC are proud about the health and safety in and around the clubhouse, carpark and pitch area's and have installed signs to inform visitors of location of where they are (Postcode) so to enable fast emergency response, keep slow while driving due to children and also keeping dogs off site due to dog fouling being a health risk. These signs are additional on top of the RESPECT signs that have been installed on the permanent Respect barrier.

We hope that everyone who attends Swinton FC enjoys their experience.

Coaches, Managers required, apply within!

Swinton are a growing club and as such require further help to aid this growth. 
If you are interesting in helping in any way then please contact us. Coaches and Managers are a large free time commitment but the rewards developing the children make it worth while so why not join in and be trained on becoming a coach and even take up managing your own team, please contact us.

Please check back for updates!